Our Brand

The Leader_Shift Way

Software for the Brain!

“We have gleaned significant value by utilizing your services and will look forward to a continuation of future sessions with you.”

Vision | see corporate leaders and their organizations permanently transformed into successful people and companies beyond what they could ever dream or imagine.

Mission | provide the best material available on personal and organizational leadership in a dynamic environment that is EPIC (experiential, participatory, image rich, and connecting) so that its clients will be transformed into peak performance individuals and leaders.


  • Change: The challenge and the possibility to transform are resident in every leader. The key is to put the leader into an environment to discover, engage, explore and gain perspective that once again brings aspirational behavior to the forefront.
  • Relevance: The meeting of the right person in the right environment with the right material and approach is the great differentiator. Leader_Shift is passionate about being that differentiator for its clients.
  • Sustainable: The outcome of creating an intrinsic motivation to change in the leader that will stand the test of time, of challenge, and of obstacles that life and business face is the monumental outcome for Leader_Shift.

Critical Success Factor | Over its 20 years, Leader_Shift Inc. has honed eight specific principles and areas of focus that provide the construct for leadership and organizational success. The Leader_Shift Circle© moves from modules dealing with self-leadership and contextual issues toward best in class leadership material. The aggregated curriculum is a distillation of the best primary sources available today along with case studies demonstrating their relevance and applicability.  

Leader_Shift Approach | We seek outcomes that clients will identify the tactical problem solving skills needed for success, develop improved and new leadership capabilities required for the clients unique situation, enhance cognitive and affective tools that allow generally superior leadership abilities, self-leadership skills and habits that allow for sustainable change and success.

Leader_Shift Philosophy | A training and coaching partnership with the client, the client’s team, and the coach. The approach is a win-win objective that has a flexible process to customize and personalize an effective plan, create open dialogue, establish a collaborative environment all working toward reaching overarching objectives.

This is accomplished by determining what the key learning needs are that will ensure the critical personal and organizational mandates for success. Establishing agreed upon;

  • Expectations
  • Contexts
  • Learning paths
  • Measurable outcomes

In addition identifying the essential areas of focus from the Leader_Shift Circle© that best fit with the needs of the organization. (Below is inclusive of LS I & II)

  • Business Context (Internal/External Intelligence for Decision Making)
  • Business Culture (Tools for Establishing Corporate Cohesion)
  • Business Confidence (Strategies for Implementation)
  • Business Communication (Intra/Inter Personal Skills for a Complex World)
  • Business Collaboration (Creating Scale through Developing of Functional Teams)
  • Business Continuity (Building Sustainable Systems & Processes for Success)
  • Business Courage (Executive Leadership Skill Development Levels I & II)

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