Over the past 20 years, Leader_Shift Inc. has honed the essential leadership requirements for success in today’s demanding and fast-paced culture into eight specific areas that directly impact the business and personal contexts. Each module in the “Leader_Shift Circle” represent a comprehensive approach to addressing critical needs in the work environment. Together the modules offer an organizational and personal development package that is informative, motivational, and practical. Leader_Shift Inc. is committed to ensuring that business and personal transformation in the area of leadership skills are not just about the moment, but focus on the journey that ensures a life long “shift” behaviorally.

Leader_Shift Inc. has built its coaching system around the schedule of the busy executive and their team. Level I & II are each twelve-week sessions held for two hours per week ensuring a highly interactive climate, customized application, and maximum retention rate. Half day, day long, and corporate retreats are also options that make Leader_Shift Inc. a flexible service to fit every business need.

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