Tom Peter’s Re-Imagine is Leader_Shift!

If you were to look in a dictionary for Tom Peter’s Five Points of Re-Imagine you more than likely find this picture. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, co-founders, of the Apple Computer. A walk down memory lane would easily take us to a time, pre 1984, where life was very different. Since then work, play, entertainment, and life has fundamentally shifted. Technology, and specifically Apple Inc, has moved us into an era that hasn’t evolved us as much as changed the whole paradigm we see ourselves and life through. But the Re-Imagine points are not just for the pantheon of business gods but for every leader who dares to get intense, disruptive, risk bias, adventuresome, and imaginative. Go break things!

The Fundamental Thinking of the Re-Imagine!

Five themes:

  1. Passion, the outward expression of intensity, belief and values
  2. Disruption, a discontinuity in a business model, caused by external or internal forces
  3. Risk, a requirement for innovation
  4. Entrepreneurship, cherishing independent thinking and individual innovation
  5. Re-imagination, fostering breakthrough ideas for organizational transformation
‘Shift Your Leadership’ Questions:

In your self-leadership, leadership toward your team, organization, business when was the last time you…

  • Got passionate?
  • Disrupted things?
  • Took a risk?
  • Innovated?
  • Came up with a breakthrough idea that transformed your organization?

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