Coaching & Training Skills for the Real World

Lee Primeau’s Bio

Leadership Extends Beyond the Workplace.Lee is the founder and president of Leader_Shift Inc. He is a hands-on business owner who personally works with individual leaders and groups teaching superior executive training and coaching skills. Lee’s other core competencies include Personal Leadership Assessments, developing and understanding corporate culture, enhancing communication skills and team dynamics, implementation abilities, systems, and core leadership development.

With both strong knowledge and experience based in the field of leadership, Lee is responsible for training thousands of leaders to work effectively in cross cultural contexts, plus he brings to the table extensive, firsthand experience in international leadership. To an individual struggling with direct reportees, peers, or associates, Lee’s introduction of “transformational” leadership has led many clients to vastly improve their personal and business effectiveness.

Successful Leaders Are Significant ServantsLee has, over the past 16 years, worked with a variety of small, to large businesses in the areas of strategic planning, the development of mission statements, clarification of objectives, coordination of teams, and corporate focus. Whether in the field of oil and gas, insurance, NGO, commercial development, professional services, political arenas, etc Lee’s clients have experienced ‘Leader_Shift’ transformation in the multi-millions of dollars.

Lee has two earned degrees, a B.A. and an M.A. He is a highly sought after public communicator both from a technical and motivational aspect. In addition to founding and owning Leader_Shift,he is the co-founder of Esolconnect a security technology company, & President of the hi-tech start up C-Shift a Cloud based data storage and document management solutions company.

To contact Lee for coaching, consulting, or speaking send your inquiries to:

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